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Blastoise's Lair

Destructive Dragons & Dinos Competitive Spellbook

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What is it?

A complete & legal 40 card playable MetaZoo Spellbook ready for competitive or casual play!  Each deck is crafted with the latest cards from Cryptid Nation, Nightfall, & Wilderness.  Deck techs and tactics are based off the newest set and promo releases, as well as updates in gameplay and meta shift on MPN (MetaZoo Play Nework). 

All these decks have been strategically thought through in composition, but are ripe for a customized side deck or a few personal modifications based on your collection.  Every card in each deck comes with matching MetaZoo sleeves corresponding to deck beasties/features/sets.

How does it work/How do I play it?

 Rely on the scaly strength from these blazing beasties to take home some wins.  Set the stage with some quick early plays of Giant Salamander and Fireball to gain arena control for the late game fiery fliers like Piasa Bird and Iowa Dragon.

Once the arena is ready light the fuse with Wildfire and the Salamander Queen for some crazy 4th wall buffs.  Finally, hold the opposing caster's feet to the fire late game by unleashing Hell's Gate to revive some beasties from Limbo and drop a Phoenix Fire on them to finish if off.

Card List

Piasa Bird x1

Iowa Dragon x3

Salamander Queen x1

Giant Salamander x5

Phoenix Rain x1

Fireball x4

Explosion x2

Wildfire x2

Absorb Aura x2

New Beginnings x1

Powerup Red x1

Bookmark x2

Lightning in a Bottle x2

Kindling Sparkroot x1

Hell’s Gate x1

Unending Fire Crystal x2

Fire Aura x7

Desert x2



Base Version | 7 Total Holos:

Full Holo x4 : Iowa Dragon (1), Salamander Queen (1), Phoenix Rain (1), Unending Fire Crystal (1)

Reverse Holo x3 : Piasa Bird (1), Iowa Dragon (1), Unending Fire Crystal (1)


Bling Version | 12 Total Holos:

Full Holo x7 : Piasa Bird (1), Iowa Dragon (2), Salamander Queen (1), Phoenix Rain (1), Unending Fire Crystal (2)

Reverse Holo x5 : Iowa Dragon (1), Giant Salamander (3), Kindling Sparkroot (1)


Flex on ‘Em Version | 15 Total Holos:

Full Holo x10 : Piasa Bird (1), Iowa Dragon (3), Salamander Queen (1), Phoenix Rain (1), Kindling Sparkroot (1), Hell’s Gate (1), Unending Fire Crystal (2)

Reverse Holo x5 : Giant Salamander (5)