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Bigfoot's Sneaky Sasquatches Competitive Spellbook

Bigfoot's Sneaky Sasquatches Competitive Spellbook

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What is it?

A complete & legal 40 card playable MetaZoo Spellbook ready for competitive or casual play!  Each deck is crafted with the latest cards from Cryptid Nation, Nightfall, & Wilderness.  Deck techs and tactics are based off the newest set and promo releases, as well as updates in gameplay and meta shift on MPN (MetaZoo Play Nework). 

All these decks have been strategically thought through in composition, but are ripe for a customized side deck or a few personal modifications based on your collection.  Every card in each deck comes with matching MetaZoo sleeves corresponding to deck beasties/features/sets.

How does it work/How do I play it?


This balanced Beastie Sasquatch deck let's you restrict, snea, and skunk shot your way through the early game to overwhelm the board for your Bigfoot.  Unique Forest Aura spells like Growth and Germinate will help you get the cards you need with similar draw abilities to Bookmark.

Ohio Grassman and the Skunk Ape's abilities will frustrate your opponents allowing protection and restricting opposing beasties from attacking fellow Sasquatch's.  Chibi Bigfoot's unique 'Parental Cry' ability means a guaranteed Bigfoot appearance.  The latest Bigfoot version allows you to contract a Sasquatch Beastie for one less aura and is an automatic win if there are more eight or more Beastie Sasquatch's active in the arena.  Tack on top of that the crazy Tribal Boost ability active and buffed for all Sasquatch's and Forest terra bonuses give tons of potential to roll the board early.

Card List

Bigfoot (Wilderness) x1

Bigfoot (Cryptid Nation) x1

Cumberland Dragon x1

Wood Devil of Coos Country x1

Chibi Bigfoot x2

Ohio Grassman x4

Skunk Ape x3

Growth x1

Germinate x3

Restricting Roots x2

Hiding in the Thickets x3

Powerup Red x1

New Beginnings x1

Bookmark x2

Lightning in a Bottle x3

Forest God’s Amber x2

Forest Aura x7

Grand National Park x2



Base Version | 7 Total Holos:

Full Holo x3 : Bigfoot WN (1), Wood Devil of Coos County (1), Growth (1)

Reverse Holo x4 : Bigfoot CN (1), Chibi Bigfoot (1), Ohio Grassman (1), Skunk Ape (1)


Bling Version | 12 Total Holos:

Full Holo x6 : Bigfoot WN (1), Bigfoot CN (1), Wood Devil of Coos County (1), Chibi Bigfoot (1), Growth (1), Germinate (1)

Reverse Holo x6 : Cumberland Dragon (1), Chibi Bigfoot (1), Ohio Grassman (2), Skunk Ape (2)


Flex on ‘Em Version | 15 Total Holos:

Full Holo x8 : Bigfoot WN (1), Bigfoot CN (1), Cumberland Dragon (1), Wood Devil of Coos County (1), Chibi Bigfoot (2), Growth (1), Germinate (1) 

Reverse Holo x7 : Ohio Grassman (4), Skunk Ape (3)

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