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Blastoise's Lair

Frozen Fish | Water & Frost Aura MetaZoo Spellbook

Frozen Fish | Water & Frost Aura MetaZoo Spellbook

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Frozen Fish is lead by a fleet of Water and Frost aura beasties with a focus on frustrating what your opponent is trying to due.  These frigid fish in combination with Loveland Frogman create a pretty heavy control feel with a the ability to deny and dampen enemy attacks on you or your beasties.  Iliamna Lake Monster's are great low cost beasties with nice abilities which can help your Loveland Frogman flourish. 

Both Beavershark's and Ug-Wug's can play a hand in protection or be utilized for low cost quick attacks via Ug-Wug ability to gain fleet with scuba gear as a 4th Wall effect.  Chessie can overwhelming the board at any time with the number of water pages in the deck and it's probably a wrap if you're able to get your Alakan Ice Monster out as it is unbelieveable hard to destroy and does not allow attacks or spells on any other beastie Fish you control.

Card List (40 Cards Total)


  • Beavershark x3
  • Iliamna Lake Monster x3
  • Ug-wug x3
  • Loveland Frogman x2
  • Chessie x2
  • Alaskan Ice Monster x1

Spell / Potion

  • Powerup Red x1
  • New Beginnings x1
  • Bookmark x2
  • Dampen x1
  • Agua Pura x2
  • Icy Path x2
  • Water Submergence x2
  • Sudden Camouflage x2
  • Flood the Earth x1

Artifact / Aura / Terra

  • Permafrost x2
  • Water Aura x6
  • Frost Aura x5
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