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Blastoise's Lair

Spooked Deer | Spirit and Forest Aura MetaZoo Spellbook

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The Spooked Deers is a terrific take at a Spirit and Forest dual aura deck.  We will call on the forest spirits to torment opposing caster’s and buff the almighty White Stag.  Herds of Not Deer and Deer Woman are included to flank the White Stag, while Lechuza takes care of tough beasties and Blue Mist allows you to take your time if needed.

While you rely on the natural Forest strength to grow your Chapter and find the Pages you need a few extra unexpected add-in’s like Morpheus and Tribal Warcry will ensure opponents never make it out of your haunted forest.

Card List (42 Total Cards)


White Stag x4

Not Deer x4

Deer Woman x4

Lechuza x2

Blue Mist x1

Wood Devil of Coos Country x1

Spells & Potions

Powerup Red x1


Bookmark x2

Growth x1

Germinate x3

Morpheus x2

Tribal Warcry x2

Artifacts & Aura

Old Book’s Crying Tree x2

Neutrality Totality Aura x2

Prism Aura x2

Spirit Aura x6

Forest Aura x2

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