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Loveland Lockdown | Water Aura MetaZoo Spellbook

Loveland Lockdown | Water Aura MetaZoo Spellbook

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What is it?

A complete & legal 40 card playable MetaZoo Spellbook ready for competitive or casual play!  Each deck is crafted with the latest cards from Cryptid Nation, Nightfall, & Wilderness.  Deck techs and tactics are based off the newest set and promo releases, as well as updates in gameplay and meta shift on MPN (MetaZoo Play Nework). 

All these decks have been strategically thought through in composition, but are ripe for a customized side deck or a few personal modifications based on your collection.  Every card in each deck comes with matching MetaZoo sleeves corresponding to deck beasties/features/sets.

Each deck comes with at least six holographic (full or reverse) cards with possibility of more.

How does it work/How do I play it?

Loveland Lockdown is currently one of the most, if not the most, popular deck techs to play in MetaZoo.  Loveland Frogman’s low cost, insane ‘Charmed’ Power (inflicts beasties with every status indicator except frozen), and Magicproof ability (can’t be targeted by spells) means you can lockdown control of the board quick… as long as you protect your froggie’s. 

Chessie’s ability to stack 10 damage for every water aura in play gets out of hand quick, especially if you’re able to engage the Oklahoma Octapus’ ability to convert into eight tentacle tokens.  From a spell perspective Flood The Earth is a potentially devastating board wipe for all non-water or flying beasties if you get behind early.  Tidal Pulls are a nice addition to keep moving through your deck in addition to bookmarks, with a few multi use defensive spells included as well with Absorb Aura & Dampen.

Card List

Loveland Frogman x2

Chessie x3

Oklahoma Octapus x1

Wallow Lake Crustacean x4

Flood The Earth x2

Tidal Pull x3

Dampen x3

Absorb Aura x2

Powerup Red x1

New Beginnings x1

Bookmark x2

Lightning In a Bottle x4

Mermaid Scales x2

Water Aura x8

Lake x2


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