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Paul’s Squirrel Squad | Forest & Spirit MetaZoo Spellbook

Paul’s Squirrel Squad | Forest & Spirit MetaZoo Spellbook

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Paul’s Squirrel Squad is a super fun and straight forward beastie blitz perfect for beginners and ripe for some competitive tweaks.  We call on the some forest friend’s for the build and the mighty power of the Black Squirrel on Lincoln County.  Getting as many squirrels out as quickly as possible will enable you to roll the board and inflict some major tribal boosted damage on your opponent.

This deck comes with at least two holo cards (full/reverse) with possibility to come with additional variants.

Card List (40 Cards Total)


  • Black Squirrel of Lincoln County x7
  • Flittericks x4
  • Gumberoo x2
  • Wood Devil of Coos Country x1
  • Babe the Blue Ox x1
  • Paul Bunyan x1

Spell / Potion

  • Powerup Red x1
  • New Beginnings x1
  • Bookmark x2
  • Growth x1
  • Germinate x2
  • Ghost Forest x2
  • Morpheus x2

Artifact / Aura / Terra

  • Old Book's Crying Tree x1
  • Fetish Artifact x2
  • Prism Aura x2
  • Forest Aura x4
  • Spirit Aura x4
  • Forest Terra x1


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