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Revenge of the Frogman | Water Tower MetaZoo Spellbook

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Finding our Frog friends is key on this Water Tower qualifier we put together a few weeks ago to compete at our LGS qualifier a couple of weeks ago.  Look to utilize the Fish beastie to give your Frog’s a chance to work their magic, while it really just turns into a race to who can get Chessie out the fastest and most often.

A couple of sleepy splashes and leaning heavily on water pull and draw powers like Tidal Pull to help you mill through you deck to get those bigger beasties or aura quicker.  The surprise here are the additions of… more frogs!  Christmas Frogman Ornament will act as an easy search for any of your Frogs when you run into trouble.

Card List (43 Total Cards)


  • Beavershark x4
  • Ug-Wug x4
  • Loveland Frogman x2
  • Christmas Frogman x2
  • Chessie x3
  • Oklahoma Octopus x1

Spells & Potions

  • Powerup Red x1
  • Bookmark x2
  • Tidal Pull x3
  • Dampen x2
  • Morpheus x2
  • River of Time x1

Aura, Artifacts & Terra

  • Sunken Gravestones of Manchac x2
  • Prism Aura x2
  • Water Aura x2
  • Christmas Eve x1
  • Full Moon x1


Check out our YouTube episode on how to play this spellbook!

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