Headless Fireball Effigies | MetaZoo Deck Tech & Strategy

Headless Fireball Effigies | MetaZoo Deck Tech & Strategy

Headless Fireball Effigies 

Burn Baby Burn

How do I play it?

The main focus on this destructive deck is to put early pressure on opposing casters by building a board of tough beasties to manage, while setting up a ticking time bomb with some spicy spells.  The goal is to spam Green Fireballs and Burning Effigies which will start to take a heavy toll directly on your opposing caster’s LP.  Mid and late game will hopefully be dictated by Headless synergies with Annie, Coal Miners, and Jack-O-Lantern Bombs.  This fiery deck isn’t for the faint of heart with the quick ramp and full-fledged fury.  With an all-out approach be prepared to play with little to no cards in your hand.

Control: 1/5

Aggression: 5/5

Ramp: 4/5

Consistency: 4/5

Budget: 5/5

Beastie Breakdown

Green Fireballs do the heavy lifting with the extra 25LP drain thanks to their Arena Effect and Triple Strike attack combo.  Headless Coal Miner’s and Headless Annie help board clean up and control during the mid-game, with Gaasy and Father Sam almost as icing on the cake ready to swing the board or come in for a quick kill if needed late.

Spell & Potion Breakdown

Like Green Fireballs, Burning Effigies will be leaned on heavily to keep your opposition off balance.  For the measly cost of two aura, you get to spam three tokens which deal 25 damage direct to opposing caster at the start of every one of your turns.  If you’re able to drop Burning Effigies without your opponent taking out any of the tokens, it’s 75 LP direct to the dome every turn.  Drop another Effigies spell and that turns into 150 LP per turn along with the additional drain from Green Fireballs and the place burns down quicker than you can mount an attack.  Once 6+ Effigies are set-up playing Fourth of July will devastate them as they continue to drain LP while not being able to attack.

Artifact, Aura, & Terra Breakdown

Typically, I wouldn’t play artifacts on a single aura, straightforward deck since they tend to be pretty fragile unless you score them early game, but with First Day of Metamas ability and it potentially being paired with Gaasy could lead to endless Unending Fire Crystals which is terrifying.  Hell’s Gate is another costly but needed card since there isn’t really a board wipe included in the build this card will act as the proxy to let some of your Beasties roam free from the Cemetery with fleet.  Nighttime pairs perfectly with Green Fireballs and Headless Coal Miner to put some extra pressure under darkness.

4th Wall Items

  • Coal

Weaknesses / Archive Options

While the deck is consistent with it being a single aura, when I’ve playtested it’s susceptible to aura lock with First Day of Metamas only being a 1 per Spellbook card.  There’s no other type of draw power besides New Beginnings which means if you get stuck after a mulligan or two / a few no aura hands, it might be a quick scoop.  Heavy control decks like frost or ground can give it some fits as well if you run out of fire power and cards during the mid to late game.  With the lack of a real board wipe to turn the tide entirely things can grind to a halt.

Lightning in a Bottle honestly should probably be included in the main, but was sacrificed to stick to 40 cards.  Toxic Water or First Anniversary Celebrations are needed pretty frequently as well with a lack of flyers some beasties turn into pains and can wreck your board control.

Budget Options

With some of the heavy hitters in this deck running a pretty penny this deck received the full 5/5 from a budget standpoint, because you’re going to have to pony up to handle these flames.  The good news is the most expensive cards aren’t crucial to the core of the build.  The Headless synergies are nice and win lots of games with its versatility but substituting some Griddlegreaser Pete’s and Piasa Birds could ramp even quicker and will inflict similar damage without accruing that damage to your debit card.

Card List (40 Cards Total)


Green Fireballs x5

Headless Coal Miner x3

Gaasyendietha x1

Headless Annie x1

Father Sam, BBQ Revolution x1


Spell / Potion

Powerup Red x1

New Year’s New Beginnings x1

Bookmark x2

Fourth of July x1

Cryptid Nation Promo x1

First Anniversary Celebrations x1

Burning Effigies x5

Jack-O-Lantern Bomb x3

On The First Day of Metamas x1


Artifact / Aura / Terra

Hell’s Gate x1

Unending Fire Crystal x2

Neutrality Aura x1

Prism Aura x2

Fire Aura x7

Nighttime x1



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