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Battle Region Booster Box

Battle Region Booster Box

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Pokémon Battle Region is a Japanese language Strengthening Expansion set, meaning it is not a full expansion but is designed to give your deck or collection a powerful boost. Among the 67 cards in the set are brand new Sparkling Pokémon which are a variant of Shiny Pokémon, or rare Pokémon with different coloring than their species has normally. The two Sparkling Pokémon we know will be in the set for sure are Sparkling Greninja, and Sparkling Hawlucha, while the pull rates are unknown at this point, the excitement of chasing these cards early will definitely present collectors with a fun challenge.

The Pokémon Battle Legion Booster Box deviates from the standard Japanese format slightly as it holds six cards per pack, and 20 packs per box. The set was released in Japan on February 25th, 2022.

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